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Episode 22: Part Two - Pride Month 2019

Welcome to Part Two of Episode 22 of the Unsung Sluts Podcast. In this episode, Stacie tells us the true story of Anne Lister, known to modern audiences as "Gentleman Jack."


Anne Lister (1791 – 1840)






Young Anne Lister

Young Anne Lister



 Suranne Jones as "Gentleman Jack" on BBC and the real Anne 




Shibden Hall, Halifax



Interior, Shibden Hall



The Diary



The Diary and Code



The Coded Diary


lister_6.jpgJohn Lister's Key


lister_7.jpgAnne and Ann's Wedding Site


lister_8.jpgChurch where Anne Lister is buried.


lister_9.jpgAnne Lister's Grave Stone


lister_10.jpgLambertville, NJ Buck's on Bridge Coffeeshop sign.


Hey Sluts, check out Tabitha and Stacie on the latest episode of The Feminist Critique, a podcast where two amateur film critics, put films to the (feminist) test. Using several tests to judge the film's feminism, Gracie and Aislene ask is the film feminist and inclusive? Above all, is it good? Sometimes, those two things are not mutually exclusive. Tab and Stac take a look at Hedwig and the Angry Inch and put it to the test(s). Give it a listen and then please give them some love in the form of follows and reviews. Thanks!

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