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Episode 13 - The Unluckiest Episode

Join us if you dare! It's the Unsung Sluts Podcast Lucky 13th Episode. In today's episode, Tabitha and Stacie discuss Triskaidekaphobia (the fear of the Number 13), some reasons why this number is considered unlucky, and several stories about unlucky women. 






Stacie's story from uTheFlyingPigSquadron


Melanie Martinez - The Victim of 5 Hurricanes


Accidentally Hilarious News Story of a Lightning Strike Victim


The 13 Club of 1880


Violet Jessup

Jeanne Rogers

More on Jeanne Rogers


The Buddhist philosophy book Stacie mentioned in this episode. The one with the Panda Dad.

 The Buddhist philosophy book mentioned by Stacie in this episode (the one with the Panda Dad) is called Zen Shorts by John J. Muth.


The life of Robert Todd Lincoln


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